Monday, 24 October 2011

Two and a half men going down

The ninth season of two and a half men, on of the greatest on going comedy show has started but without Charlie Sheen who was replaced by Ashton Kutcher after months of drama. As expected, the show doesn't feel the same without notorious Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen played character Charlie Harper, a famous jingle writer who was living bachelor style in his beach house in Malibu. Three words, alcoholism, womanizing and gambling summed up his life. His brother Alan who is exact opposite of him, three times divorced and broke was living with Charlie for eight years and had a son named Jack. The story revolved around there lives. Evelyn (mother of Charlie and Alan), Rose (Charlie's female stalker) and Berta (house keeper) are also prominent characters of the show.

What made this show fun was mostly the interaction of Charlie with other characters. He wanted to kick out his brother out of the house. His impression on Jake and Alan's miserable life which was half of the times because of Charlie. His relationship with his mother and Evelyn's character is also hilarious.

Now CBS have replaced Charlie Harper's character with Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher), a young billionaire, internet tycoon who buys the house after Charlie's demise. Now when you read this who imagine that Walden would exactly be like Charlie Harper but the writers of the show took the bold decision to make his character totally different. And it failed. Walden is recently divorced and isn't over his ex-wife who used to pamper him like her baby and left him because he doesn't act like an adult.

Ashton Kutcher's acting is fair enough but this show will only decrease his popularity because the character he is playing is absolute FAIL. The show revolved around jerk, womanizer and they replaced it with a soft cry baby.

They only reason people are watching the show again because the first episode had all the hype of Charlie Sheen being written off. Then first few episodes to watch the new character but now we can only see the rating of the show going down.

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